• Gel polish and a top coat completely dissolve in in Remover – there is no need to file the external layer
  • The Formula is gentle for natural nail plate
  • Semi-thick consistency guarantees an easy application: doesn’t spill on the cuticles, stream or shrink under the lamp
  • A glossy finish of top coat
  • Gorgeous colour palette, more than 115 beautiful colours to choose
  • Reasonable price – start working with our Gel Polish collection, now!
  • Try also J’adore, Tropicana, Ecuador, Lolita, Sunset Pink, Fashionista, Red Carpet, Neon Red, Bad Romance, Devil Wears Red, Insomnia, Boa Seducer, Tiffany, Already Famous, Midnight Ocean,Milky Pink, Milky White, Cupcake, Mr.BlackMiss Universe, Happy, Hot Strawberry, Summer Joy, Miss Universe, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Happy, Amazonia, Jungle Queen, Wild Dream, Neon Pink, Neon Red, Neon Orange, Cherry Brownie, Mr.Black, Little Pink, Pink Pong, Sweety, Aquarius Matrioshka, Adriatic, Paradox, Tokyo Style, Bahama Mama,, Harlequin, Champagne, Gold Nude, Like a Princess, Sunset Pink and French Pink

Curing time:

  • LED lamp – 5 seconds
  • UV lamp – 2 minutes

Capacity: 10ml